Armored glass - replacement and installation armoured vehicles, armoured cars

Armored glass - replacement, installation - Armoured Cars, Vehicles

"Armored glass is a composite made of several sheets of glass." 

Replacement, installation Armoured Glass (Armored glass)

These are alternately layered with PVB plastic layers and firmly autoclaved together. In an emergency, this composite of hard glass and flexible plastic film holds back the projectile. The disc absorbs energy and distributes it over a large area.
Laminated safety glass is available in two versions.

  1.  Without PC backing: Mainly used in buildings such as banks or shop windows to secure valuables. Its non protected backside allows glass particles to spall off.
  2.  With PC backing: A flexible polycarbonate layer prevents glass particles / splinters from spalling off. This protects passengers in close distance and is the industry standard for armoured vehicles.

The thickness of bullet proof glass varies depending on manufacturer, multi-hit capabilities and armouring level. To withstand the ballistic demands of the protection level EN1063 with a 90° shooting angle;

  • BR4 armoured glass has an approximate thickness of 22mm,
  • Level BR6 is reached at about 40mm and
  • BR7 needs approx. 65-75mm glass thickness.

If, for example, the windshield is only shot at in the installed position, i.e. at a shallower angle that emits less penetration energy onto the armoured glass, thinner bullet proof glass can be used.
High quality armoured glazing shows an excellent grade of translucence and optical quality. Safety glass with high protection classification often show a magnifying effect and distortions at corners and edges. The proper sealing of the window edges is also a quality feature. Well-known manufacturers give guarantees against delamination.